Here at LOL Cartoons, not only do we offer entertainment at kids parties and events but we are also very well known for offering entertainment at restaurants too, this helps to promote kids nights!

Currently, we provide a combination of entertainment consisting of balloon twisting, face painting and Caricatures for these events.

Some of the Restaurants we have expertise in providing entertainment in are McDonald's, Texas Roadhouse, Whataburger, Chick-fil-A, Bubba 33, Fazollis, Freddy's Custard, and many more.

Having kid entertainers in restaurants can offer several benefits:
Enhanced Customer Experience: Parents often appreciate having kid entertainers in restaurants as it keeps their children engaged and happy during the meal. This can lead to a more relaxed dining experience for the whole family.

Increased Dwell Time: When children are entertained, families tend to stay longer at the restaurant. This can increase revenue for the establishment, as families may order more food and beverages or return for future visits.

Attracting Families: Restaurants with kid entertainers can differentiate themselves from competitors and become a go-to spot for families with young children. This can help attract a loyal customer base and generate positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Opportunity for Adult Interaction: While the kids are entertained, parents can enjoy some adult conversation or relax without having to constantly attend to their children. This can contribute to a more enjoyable dining experience for adults.

Promotes Repeat Business: Families are likely to return to restaurants where their children had a good time. Providing kid entertainment can encourage repeat business and foster customer loyalty.

Community Engagement: Hosting kid entertainers can help restaurants become more involved in the local community, especially if they hire performers or entertainers from the area. This can lead to stronger relationships with families and other businesses in the community.

Special Events and Occasions: Kid entertainers can be particularly popular during special events or occasions such as birthdays, family gatherings, or holidays. Offering entertainment options can make these occasions more memorable for families celebrating at the restaurant.

Overall, having kid entertainers in restaurants can create a more welcoming and enjoyable environment for families, leading to increased customer satisfaction and business success. It is also a great way of gaining more foot traffic in your restaurant and bringing back returning customers.

Contact us today if you would like to book us for your restaurant: 
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