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Take your children's party to the max! Make it unforgettable with face painting! Create lasting memories with OUR unique face-painting designs.

Here's how we at LOL Cartoons give your kids the best face-painting experience! Face painting is a blast! It's been around for centuries - the ancient Greeks used it to celebrate. Nowadays, everyone loves it, especially kids!

The Excitement of Face Painting for Children

Face painting is a blast! For kids of all ages, it boosts self-expression, builds confidence, and sparks creativity. It's an excellent way to encourage imaginative play and free expression. Plus, it leaves unforgettable memories.

This activity can also bring emotional growth. Kids experiment with different identities and explore their creativity in a safe setting. Face painting helps promote self-acceptance. Kids feel empowered and accepted when they choose illustrations that reflect their interests. Like super hero’s, favorite animals, and movie icons!

Tips for Face Painting

We would love LOL Cartoons to be your choice for the next party or event as your expert face painting company. However, we encourage you as parents to try face painting and are happy to answer your questions!

Face painting can be a great activity for both children and adults. To ensure safety, follow these tips.

1. Prepare the face: Wash the face gently with soap and water before starting. Dry with a clean cloth. Remove any eye shadow or makeup with older children or adults.

2. Use Approved Paints: Use water-based paints specifically made for the skin. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Avoid using tempera or acrylic paint, as these could cause reactions and be more challenging to wash off.

3. Practice: Take your time. Before painting on someone's face, practice on paper first.

4. Clean Equipment: Check brushes during painting to eliminate bacteria. Dip used brushes in hot soapy water between each use. Rinse each brush in clean water before drying it for future use.

Safety Considerations for Face Painting

Face painting is a fun and exciting activity for kids to explore their creativity, express themselves, and engage in imaginative play. But safety should be the top priority.

To keep children safe while face painting:

  • Buy face paints with approved ingredients. The label should say "non-toxic" and "water-soluble". Check the label for allergen information if anyone has allergies.
  • Clean makeup supplies between uses to avoid bacterial and viral infections.
  • Stay away from eyes and mouth in case of accidental ingestion or irritation.
  • Don't let anyone who is ill paint another person's face.
  • Wear protective outerwear such as smocks or aprons while painting. To prevent stains on your clothing.
  • Keep all items out of reach of small children. Some may be choking hazards.

Ideas for Face Painting Designs

When planning face painting designs for children, consider the child's age and the effect of the design on their maturity. Simple choices like cartoon and animal characters and pictures with vibrant colors and patterns that align with their current interests may be best. For older children, more complex designs that might include their heroes or interests are fun but challenging.

Choose designs that do not cause distress or discomfort. Ensure the theme is age-appropriate.

Ideas for face painting designs include: -Animals -Fictional characters -Faces -Flowers -Arts and crafts patterns. Stay tuned for our face-painting designs and tutorials.

How to Remove Face Paint from Children

Face painting is a fun activity for kids at parties and special events - but it's essential to know how to remove the paint without irritating their delicate skin.

Secure all materials needed for removal: a bowl of warm water, mild liquid soap, a soft washcloth, cotton swabs, facial tissues, cotton pads, and cleansing wipes.

Work slowly and gently when getting rid of the paint. Dab a wet cloth onto each color until it starts to dissolve. Add more water if needed, but avoid too much friction. Use liquid soap or baby shampoo on a separate cloth to break down the paint residue. Blot wet areas with facial tissue paper until dry, then apply moisturizing cream.

These steps will give your kids a safe yet effective way to look clean again!


Face painting is an awesome activity for children and adults! Have a blast at any event - from birthdays to Halloween! With safe products, you can make amazing art on every face.

When picking makeup for your kid's face painting, get non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Also, follow the instructions and use a gentle cleanser to remove the makeup afterward.

Remember - face painting is fun! Cheer on your kids and let them choose their designs.

Call LOL Cartoons today to book a face painter for your next party or event! We typically need at least two weeks’ notice, so book now! (405) 412 2894.

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