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We absolutely love our job, especially when we get to provide face painting and waterproof glitter tattoos for as many outdoor events as we do, such as Renaissance fairs, Arts festivals, Night markets, and more. We have experience in helping to gain a following for such events.

Having a face painter or entertainment at your outdoor festival can enhance the overall experience for attendees in several ways:

Engagement: Face painting and entertainment activities engage attendees of all ages, creating an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Attraction: These attractions draw people in, increasing foot traffic to your event and creating a lively ambiance that can attract more visitors to your festival.

Memorable Experience: Getting your face painted or enjoying entertainment creates lasting memories for attendees, making the festival more memorable and increasing the likelihood of return visits in the future.

Family-Friendly: Face painting and entertainment are often family-friendly activities, appealing to both children and adults, making the festival more inclusive and enjoyable for families.

Photo Opportunities: Attendees often take photos of themselves or their children with their face paint or enjoying entertainment, providing free publicity for the festival on social media platforms.

Differentiation: Festivals with face painting and entertainment stand out from others, offering unique experiences that can differentiate them and attract more attendees.

Increased Revenue: Face painting and entertainment can be monetized through ticket sales or fees, providing an additional revenue stream for the festival organizers.

Extended Stay: Attendees may stay longer at your festival to enjoy the face painting or entertainment, increasing dwell time and potentially leading to more spending on food, drinks, and merchandise.

Community Building: Face painting and entertainment create opportunities for social interaction and community building among attendees, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie.

Enhanced Atmosphere: These activities contribute to a festive and celebratory atmosphere, adding to the overall enjoyment and excitement of the event.

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