Just recently I have completed my 100th wedding here in Oklahoma, no, not my actual wedding,  my 100th wedding as a caricature artist and I have loved every wedding, every sketch and every vibe that goes with the day. 

I originally started drawing Caricatures of my teachers in Secondary School back in England, which would inevitably always get me in trouble and look at me now - I would never imagine I would get to sketch people on a daily basis, and never would I imagine I would now do this for a living! I must remember to contact those teachers who told me off - that will show them! 

I always encourage people to be creative and follow their passions, which is exactly what I have done, and it’s landed me my dream job. 
My work makes people happy daily, and for that, I am grateful and thankful that my talent can do this, especially for someone's big day, whether it's a wedding, or a kid’s birthday party.
Being a caricature always brings out the fun side of people and I love to be a part of that. 

I want to thank everyone who has allowed me to create art for them over the years and continue to help me do what I love.

Thank you,


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May 17, 2024 • 12:29PM

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